It’s time for Apple’s big September event, which takes place later tonight. A quick look at what is expected for sure, what isn’t and what might end up making an appearance.

Apple’s ‘Far Out’ September event takes place later tonight. Here’s what to expect, what not to expect and what might make an appearance later tonight. (Image: Apple invite)

By morning tomorrow, we will know what Apple had up its sleeve all along. Till then there is a space for some speculation, some informed guessing and some actual reportage on what Apple is launching at its Far Out event scheduled for Apple Park on September 7.

Apple is a company that keeps its cards close to its chest till the last moment, and though over the past few years we have seen people being able to guess a lot of what will be announced at these events, it is still exciting to see that still, no one is able to call all of these correctly. And that is the thrill of attending an Apple event, despite whatever you think you know, there are still a lot of things that are surprising.

As we are just a few hours from the Apple launch event, here is a look at what to expect this time. For better context, I have broken these down into segments.

Apple event 2022: What is almost certain?

The iPhone 14 series too will for certain have a regular and a Pro range. The Pro range will for certain have better cameras, most probably one with a 48MP sensor too, a different take on the notch and always on display. And from what our sources are telling us, don’t expect any major design change in the iPhones.

There is going to be a new Apple Watch Pro model catering to high-end users who have very different use cases and requirements from regular Apple Watch users. So while the Apple Watch will slowly tick over to Series 8 with incremental changes including skin temperature readings, the Pro will be a much larger form factor catering to athletes and those to who really push their outdoor game. A new version of the Apple Watch SE also seems certain.

We are almost certain there will be a new AirPods Pro model, maybe with a different design.

Apple event 2022: What is not so certain?

There is a strong possibility Apple will kill, or pause, the iPhone mini in favour of a new, larger Plus model without the Pro tag.
This year too there is speculation that top-end iPhones will have satellite connectivity. Plus, Apple could also kill the physical SIM on some of the models which will now connect just using the eSIM option.

Apple event 2022: What not to expect?

Don’t expect to see new iPads launched at the event on September 7. These will most probably be announced at another event later this year. And certainly don’t expect the Apple AR/VR headset to make an appearance anytime soon.

Follow our live coverage from Apple Park the whole day Wednesday to know what is finally launched, and what isn’t.


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