The maximum predicted uniform drop of the NFL offseason eventually made its debut. After teasing them in July, the Cincinnati Bengals eventually discovered the brand new white helmets they’ll put on subsequent season.

The helmets nonetheless function black stripes, however the orange surrounding the ones stripes is now white. The new helmets additionally have the Bengals’ “B” brand at the the front and participant numbers at the back, much like the group’s normal orange helmets.

Basically, the brand new helmets are simply the antique helmets, however with white changing orange.

The group additionally launched a video displaying the decals being positioned at the helmet.

It’s anticipated they’ll function a part of an trade uniform. Given that the Bengals have teased a white tiger more than one instances withinside the offseason, they’ll maximum probably put on the white helmets once they put on their white uniforms.
Did the Bengals get it proper with their white helmets?

Now that the helmets have eventually been launched, did the Bengals get it proper? Wearing a black and white uniform on occasion will supply the group a smooth and steady appearance. There are really white tigers, so the wondering in the back of the brand new uniform makes sense.

At the identical time, the ones are without a doubt simply the group’s common helmets in a distinctive color. The Bengals did not do a re-design, they simply used distinctive paint. Put in that light, the brand new helmets do not sound as exciting.

All that topics is how appropriate the helmets will appearance with the white uniform. Some have already speculated on what that would appearance like.

What do you consider the Bengals’ new white helmets? Let us recognise withinside the comments.

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